Winter Tournament - Wed. 29th July, 2015

The SW Zone Winter Tournament is on again. This year the tournament will be held at South Hagley Park on Wednesday 29th July from 9:30 - 1:00pm.

We will be leaving school around 8:30am in order to arrive and get set up by the official pre-tournament team meetings at 9:15am at each location.

We will be sending our 'A' teams for Year 5 / 6  rugby, netball, hockey and football; and Year 7 / 8 netball, hockey and football.

That's a total of 7 teams.

Teams play in a round robin tournament of up to 7 - 8 games of 10 minutes duration. Points are allocated for a win (5) a draw (2) and a loss (0). After the round robin there will be a winner for each sport.

The winning team goes on to represent the SW Zone at the Canterbury Primary Schools Winter Tournament on Thursday 27th August, again at South Hagley Park.

Team numbers for the SW Zone Winter Tournament are restricted due to the shorter games. For example, where there may be 10 in a football team, we are only able to take a squad of 8. Therefore, some students will miss out.


Here are the draws for each sport and year level. All information, including rules, draw, times and a location map is included.

Year 5 / 6 Rugby draw

Year 5 / 6 football draw

Year 5 / 6 netball draw

Year 5 / 6 hockey draw

Year 7 / 8 football draw

Year 7 / 8 netball draw

Year 7 / 8 hockey draw

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