Tuesday, 24 March 2015

7/8 Rugby League Tournament

On 25 March the 7/8 team participated in a big tournament.

Here are their results....

Game one: v Te Waka Una: Lost, in a close game 3-4
Game two: v Hillmorton: Lost, 3-5 in a tough game
Game three: v Oxford: Won, 5-2 in a fast and furious game
Game four: v Breens: Lost 8-7, in another tight, high scoring affair
Game five: v Rolleston: Lost 5-7, in the game of the day
Play-off for 5th and 6th: Beat Oxford 8-1

Result = 5th in their Grade

Player of the day was Fletcher

Monday, 23 March 2015

Run Bike Run Results: 2015

Race 1: Year 4 or 8 year old

Boys Individual
1st. Taylor Foster
2nd. Baxter Coughlan
3rd. Ryder Due

Girls Individual
1st. Ella Wilson
2nd. Karlie Wright
3rd. Zara Munro

1st. The Three Falcons
2nd. KS
3rd. The Cheetah Flash Cats

Race 2: Year 5 or 9 year olds

Boys Individual
1st. Spencer King
2nd. Jack Gobbie
3rd. Josh Sanders

Girls Individual
1st. Maddy Laing
2nd. Kaylah Pringle
3rd. Martina Charlton

1st. Team Awesome
2nd. West Tigers
3rd. The Princesses

Race 3: Year 6 or 10 year olds

Boys Individual
1st. Ashton Stocker
2nd. Zach Johnston
3rd. Jack Robinson

Girls Individual
1st. Lily Pitman
2nd. Charlotte Lynn
3rd. Anneke Stone

1st. The Hog Riders
2nd. The Vipers
3rd. Dwights

Race 4: Year ⅞ or 11 and 12 years old

Boys 11 years old
1st. Jack Mitchell
2nd. Finn Keogan
3rd. Teiken Huria

Girls 11 years old
1st. Samantha Laing
2nd. Xanthe Simpson
3rd. Samara Barltrop

Boys 12 years old
1st. Tim Adams
2nd. Rowan Davison
3rd. Shaeden Sewell

Girls 12 years old
1st. Olivia Gobbie
2nd. Grace Lynn
3rd. Mia Warren

1st. Waggafuffles
2nd. Yo Gabba Gabba
3rd. The Baked Beans

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Basketball at Pioneer Stadium

The dates for the 2015 Pioneer Basketball competition has been released.

We will be entering a number of teams.  Training and trials will commence shortly. Watch this space.

Primary/Intermediate Schools Competition 2015

Competition days and times are as follows

Monday 3.30pm-6.00pm
Yr 7&8 B & C Grades (Mixed)
 Wednesday 4.45pm-6.45pm
Yr 5&6 A, B Grades (Mixed)

   Thursday 3.30pm-6.00pm
Yr 5&6 C Grades (Mixed), Yr 5&6 Girls Grade

Friday 3.30pm-5.30pm
Yr 7&8 A & B Grades (Mixed), Yr 7&8 Girls Grade 

12 rounds of competition (half-hour games)
between the dates May 8
th to Sept 25th

Cost of entry: $390 per team
The competition will support a

Please note that entries close 5pm Thursday April 1st

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Touch Draw 13.3.2015

The FINAL games are NEXT WEEK - March 20th.  The prize giving will be held after the games next week.

13.3.2015 touch draw

WeetBix TRYathlon

The final training is on tomorrow (Thursday) from 3:15 - 4:15pm.

IMPORTANT information about the big day has been added to the Weetbix TRYathlon page.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Swimming SW Zone Top 3 Results

Well Done to these children who performed with excellence:

Courtney Hillyer: 1st Backstroke, 2nd Freestyle

Jessica French: 1st Freestyle

Samantha Laing: 3rd Breaststroke

Jordan Sanders: 3rd Freestyle

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Weetbix TRYathlon

Training dates and times:

Thursday 5th March       3:15pm - 4:15pm
Sunday 8th March          9:30am- 11:00am
Monday 9 March            3:15pm- 4:15pm
Thursday 12th March     3:15pm - 4:15pm

Students should bring the gear they require - swimming togs, towel, t-shirt, bike, running shoes etc.
Meet outside Room 9 after school and we will then go out to the field and get set up.

Monday, 2 March 2015

SW Zone Swimming: Wharenui Pool 9:00 am 10 March

1Freestyle9 yrs Boys3 Heats
2Freestyle9 yrs Girls3 Heats
3Freestyle10 yrs Boys2 Heats
4Freestyle10 yrs Girls2 Heats
5Freestyle11 yrs Boys1 Heat
6Freestyle11 yrs Girls2 Heats
7Freestyle12 + BoysFINAL
8Freestyle12+ GirlsFINAL
17Freestyle9 yrs BoysFINAL
18Freestyle9 yrs GirlsFINAL
19Freestyle10 yrs BoysFINAL
20Freestyle10 yrs GirlsFINAL
21Freestyle11 yrs BoysFINAL
22Freestyle11 yrs GirlsFINAL
9Backstroke9 yrs Boys2 Heats
10Backstroke9 yrs Girls3 Heats
11Backstroke10 yrs Boys2 Heats
12Backstroke10 yrs Girls2 Heats
13Backstroke11 yrs Boys2 Heats
14Backstroke11 yrs Girls2 Heats
15Backstroke12+ BoysFINAL
16Backstroke12+ GirlsFINAL
23Backstroke9 yrs BoysFINAL
24Backstroke9 yrs GirlsFINAL
25Backstroke10 yrs BoysFINAL
26Backstroke10 yrs GirlsFINAL
27Backstroke11 yrs GirlsFINAL
28Breaststroke9 yrs BoysFINAL
29Breaststroke9 yrs GirlsFINAL
30Breaststroke10 yrs BoysFiNAL
31Breaststroke10 yrs Girls2 Heats
32Breaststroke11 yrs BoysFINAL
33Breaststroke11 yrs Girls2 Heats
34Breaststroke12 + BoysFINAL
35Breaststroke12 + GirlsFINAL
36Butterfly BoysOpenFINAL
37Butterfly GirlsOpenFINAL
38Breaststroke10 yrs GirlsFINAL
39Breaststroke11 yrs GirlsFINAL
40Mixed Relay9 yrsFINAL
41Mixed Relay10 yrsFINAL
42Mixed Relay11 yrsFINAL
43Mixed Relay12 yrsFINAL