Sunday, 22 February 2015

Swimming Trials programme for today

Just to let you know details of today.

We have the pool from 12:00pm with the first race starting at 12:30pm.

There will be 10 races then relays.

Race 1 : Campbell, Jessica, Fletcher, Jack Robinson
Race 2: Xanthe, Courtney, Anneke, Kate, Amelia
Race 3: Hathem, Finn, Rakai, Samara, Brooke, Monique, Isabella
Race 4: Jordan, Rebecca J, Skyla, Rebecca K
Race 5: Campbell, Madeline, Jack R
Race 6: Courtney, Xanthe, Anneke, kate, Jade, Sammy L, Amelia
Race 7: Victor Olivia G, Sammy D
Race 8: Jordan Rebecca J, Rebecca K
Race 9: Jessica, Maddy L, Sammy L
Race 10: Victor, Samara, Brooke, Olivia G, Sammy D, Isabella

See you there is you are free.

1 comment:

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