Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Primary Aerobics Competition - RESULTS

Today (Wednesday 2nd September) 12 students (in four teams of 3) attended the Primary Aerobics competition at Elmwood School auditorium.

There were many different levels of competition, and students were able to compete as an individual, as pair, or as part of a team.

We decided to enter the team events.

Here are the results at each team's level

Year 5/6 teams

1st - Grace Thomson, Charlotte Gillespie and Natasha Coughlan
2nd - Jade Tonkin, Brook Robinson and Courtney Hillyer
3rd - Amelia Tainui, Alissa Docherty and Lily Pitman

Year 7/8 teams

1st - Molly King, Abigail Cosslett and Jesse Frame

Well done, girls. Here are a couple of photos of the girls in action.

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